Website Maintenance & Security Audit:

There’s much more to a website than parking it on a server and hosting.  Having an effective maintenance plan is required to manage the endless maintenance, technical and support issues. There are many moving parts in a website and changes in technology which causes a constant loop of technical errors and issues to be resolved. Sometimes the changes are so significant it cost less to rebuild on current technology platforms than to continue to provide ongoing life support/maintenance (you will learn about this in the refresh plan section below).

Check all that apply to your business today – meaning, these exist or are valid today.

  • You have adequate support plan “helpdesk” for break fixes
  • You have a server and site maintenance plan including
    • Remove Spam Comments
    • Testing Contact Forms
    • Fixing Broken Links
    • Manual Plugins Updates
    • Take Daily Backups
    • Manual WordPress Updates
    • Manual Theme Updates
    • Database Compressions
    • WP Protection
    • PHP Updates
    • Troubleshooting
    • Server Management
    • Clear Trash
    • Manage Memory Limits
  • Security Management
    • HTTPS – SSL Security Certificate Maintenance
    • Database Security
    • Block Directory Access
    • Monitor and Limit Suspicious Login Attempts
    • Secure WP-Config Files
    • Delete and Replace Plugins with Known Vulnerabilities
    • Secure WP Versioning
    • Disable Theme and Plugin Editor
    • Block Known Brute Force Attacks
    • Security Sweep
    • Password Resets – High Security
  • Robots.txt File Maintenance
  • Sitemap Maintenance
  • CDN – Content Distribution Network Maintenance
  • CMS – Content Management System Maintenance
  • Mobile First Compliance Maintenance
  • Cross Browser Compatibility Maintenance