Manufacturer Website

For HVAC Dealers wishing to avoid the *custom website project that may take months and many hours of resources to design and develop, choosing a Brand Template is a great alternative. Each manufacturer has 4 different website templates to fit any size business.  Once you choose your featured brand, choose the template and within a week you will have a link to your development site.  Depending on the package selected we will begin the content transfer process from your current website to your new website.  On each of the website templates, you have the ability to change the colors, pictures, and content.

Benefits of using “Pre-Configured Manufacture Websites

  • Less Expensive than a Custom Designed Website
  • Less Time and Resources (not a custom design)
  • Quicker Turn Time on Approved Marketing/Accrual Fund Reimbursements
  • Best in Class HVAC Website
  • Custom HVAC Tools Built-in (SEER Calculator, FAQ’s, Troubleshooter, Conversion Forms and More)
  • Easy to Add Content and Edit Website through Content Management System
  • Best in Class Hosting, Maintenance and Support Included
  • Easy to Add On Additional Features and Marketing Services
  • Buy Website Help/Admin/Design Hours as you need them
  • Pre-Approved by Manufacturers

The Process:

  1. Choose your Featured Brand
    1. Amana Website
    2. Goodman Website
    3. Daikin Website
    4. Franklin PLP Website
    5. Private Label (your own Branded Website)
    6. Custom Website
  2. Choose your Website Package
    1. One Page DIY
    2. Standard
    3. Advanced
    4. Wish List
  3. You will receive your onboarding forms via email – Fill them out completely as this is the information used to customize your new website template.
  4. You will receive a link to your demo site to watch our progress in real time
  5.  Depending on your selected package we will finish the content transfer and basic customization
  6. Final go live approval – we can send you instructions to make your new site live on our servers or we can do it for you
  7. Watch the training videos to learn:
    1. How to add content, make changes, etc.
    2. How to access your conversion forms
    3. Other marketing services we recommend
  8. If you used accrual funds, you can submit for reimbursement

The goal is to have the best website in the shortest time possible…. knowing what your website will look like before you buy it and being able to make changes after it goes live is the best way to accomplish that!

Choose Your Featured Brand


Sample Manufacture Template Websites

Here are some samples of the Amana® Brand websites.  Choose your featured brand above and it will be customized appropriately for your featured manufacturer.



Advanced Website – AMANA® Brand